Register for Courses

NPC recommends that you meet with an academic advisor to discuss educational and career goals prior to registration. Together you’ll develop a degree plan and select the appropriate courses to meet your goals. For a list of advisor’s phone numbers or to schedule an appointment, visit


Registration menu will be available after completion of Personal Info Update and Registration Agreement.


  • Personal Info Update – Requirement to confirm name, contact information, birthdate, and residency. Important Billing Questions section must be answered correctly for the proper TUITION charge to apply. If you skip the three billing questions, out of state tuition rate will automatically apply.


  • Registration Agreement – Disclosure Statement of Arizona Proposition 300, Payment, Tuition Refund Policy, Debt Collection, Text Messaging, and Americans with Disabilities Act. Agreement to terms required to register.


If you’re having trouble registering for class, please call the Records & Registration Office at 928-524-7459 or 800-266-7845 extension 7459


Withdraw from Class

Withdrawing from class? College refund of charges varies based on course type and when you drop a class. Refund of charges will decrease balance due first and then a refund check will be mailed for eligible credit balance. Click to view NPC’s General Tuition Refund Policy


A Course Change Form is required to withdraw after classes start.


Students that were approved for Federal Pell Grant and are wanting to make changes to enrollment must contact the NPC Financial Aid Office at 928-524-7318.

Proposition 300: State law requires any student who cannot or will not verify their U.S. residency status be charged out of state tuition and be denied any type of financial assistance that uses state funds. In compliance with this law NPC requires all students provide documentation regarding legal status.

12-Credit-Limit: If you have earned 12 or more credits and have not declared a degree/major, you will be blocked from registering for any more classes until you have met with an academic adviser and declared your education intent.

This policy is in place to give you the opportunity to plan your classes, ensure you’re on the right path toward a degree/major, and provide a review of your academic progress. Only after you have met with your academic adviser will the advisement hold be removed to allow registration. NPC recommends that you meet with an adviser at the earliest convenience to avoid registration concerns. For a list of adviser’s phone numbers or to schedule an appointment, visit


Release of Student Information form

Complete if you want to grant parents, spouse, scholarship sponsors, or other entities access to your school records.



Tasks to consider after registration:

  • View NPC Online Bookstore to see if required/interested classes require textbooks or course items. NPC does not have a physical bookstore. Shipping time frame could take a minimum of 2-weeks to PO Box addresses so plan accordingly.
  • Review Academic Calendar for important dates. 
  • Access NPC Student Email often – this is the primary communication method with students.
  • Login to Moodle prior to the first day of class for syllabus/course outline, class discussion and assignments.
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
You have no incoming announcements.

All college tuition and fees must be paid by the following dates. If payment arrangements are not made with the Business Office by the payment deadline, the student will be dropped from class(es).



All students are required to have at least one payment option completed by the tuition payment due date listed above. There are several ways to pay for your tuition and fees at NPC. 

Financial Aid: The submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps student find out if they are eligible for aid. After completion of a FAFSA, student must login to myNPC to View Financial Aid Document Tracking and upload any required documents to the Financial Aid Student Portal. Student should email or call 928-524-7318 for financial advisement and further assistance with completion of a student file. Students should consider setting up a payment plan if their financial aid student file is incomplete nearing the tuition payment due date.  


  • NPC ScholarshipsStudents should contact Student Billing at 928-524-7480 to verify receipt of scholarship award form/letter.  
  • non-NPC Scholarships – A physical check is required, not a scholarship award letter. Student should set up a payment plan to avoid getting dropped for non-payment while awaiting a scholarship check from their sponsor.
  • First Things First ScholarshipsScholarship Voucher is emailed to student and Student should email NPC Educator Preparation Programs at if vouchers have not been emailed. 

Payment Plan: A payment plan provides flexibility of scheduled monthly payment installments while a student attends class(es). Payments can be made with a card, a checking or savings account. Student can purchase textbooks with a payment plan; bookstore cost must be added by Student Billing prior to setting up a payment plan. Refer to Payment Plan Information section below.   

Full Payment: Student can pay tuition in person at any NPC Campus/Center Front Office, online by logging in to myNPC then click the Pay Online or Set Up Payment Plan button above, or by calling the Business Office at 928-524-7480.

High School Early College: Students looking to take classes outside of what’s offered in their high school must email for advisement. Early College waivers are applied after an Early College Advisor provides student’s NPC ID and approved courses to Student Billing.  

Veteran Education Benefits: Students must contact NPC Veterans Services at 928-524-7459 for advisement and required forms for enrollment certification for eligible VA education benefits.  

Tuition Waiver:

  • NPC employees can download the Tuition and Media Fee Waiver form via NPC SharePoint Forms Portal for themselves and their dependents. Tuition waivers are applied after waiver form are approved by Human Resources.  
  • Public Safety Waiver as outlined in ARS§15-1808, students must request and complete the Tuition and Media Fee Waiver form from NPC registrar/cashier. Students are responsible for paying the media fee and any course fees. Tuition waivers are applied after a waiver form is received from the student, and a student presents an Arizona Governor issued tuition waiver card/letter.  

Third Party Agency Payment: Payment authorizations through a student’s employer or state/tribal tuition assistance programs are acceptable if the third-party is in good standing with NPC. NPC’s Third-Party Authorization Form is required; the form is available online at under HELPFUL LINKS. After the form is approved, a student stays registered and is allowed to attend class(es) while the payment process is pending. Any unpaid charges are the student’s responsibility to pay.  


Payment Plan Information

NPC partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce (Nelnet) to provide online payment and payment plan services. The payment plan option provides flexibility of monthly payments to budget tuition over one semester until the balance is paid in full; refer to Target Dates to Enroll for Payment Plan Option. The payment plan is not a loan so interest charges or credit check does not apply.


Payment Plan Requirements/Features:

  • A valid bank account or debit/credit card is required. VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® cards accepted.
  • A minimum student balance of $50 is required to set up a payment plan.
  • A non-refundable $30 enrollment fee per semester applies. If the enrollment fee and/or down payment is returned unpaid for any reason, the payment plan will terminate.
  • Student receives payment reminder email 7-days prior to scheduled payment.
  • Nelnet charges $30 each time a payment is returned.
  • Student can access payment plan by logging in to myNPC to:
    • pay in advance,
    • change financial account,
    • change scheduled payment date, one-time allowance per semester.
  • The payment plan will terminate if payment is returned as invalid banking information if financial account is not updated within 10 calendar days; thereafter, students are responsible to pay NPC directly.
  • A payment plan video tutorial is available at

Purchase Textbooks with a Payment Plan:
The amount due for textbooks including sales tax and any shipping fees need to be reported to the NPC Bookstore prior to setting up a payment plan. The amount can be calculated at Report the amount due by email to, or call 928-524-7480. Bookstore will email the student in 1-2 business days with instructions when the purchasing credit is available for use. 


Click to Set Up Payment Plan


Target Dates to Enroll for Payment Plan Option:

NOTE: All down payment are processed immediately!