Register for Courses

NPC recommends that you meet with an academic advisor to discuss educational and career goals prior to registration. Together you’ll develop a degree plan and select the appropriate courses to meet your goals. For a list of advisor’s phone numbers or to schedule an appointment, visit


Registration menu will be available after completion of Personal Info Update and Registration Agreement.


  • Personal Info Update – Requirement to confirm name, contact information, birthdate, and residency. Important Billing Questions section must be answered correctly for the proper TUITION charge to apply. If you skip the three billing questions, out of state tuition rate will automatically apply.


  • Registration Agreement – Disclosure Statement of Arizona Proposition 300, Payment, Tuition Refund Policy, Debt Collection, Text Messaging, and Americans with Disabilities Act. Agreement to terms required to register.


If you’re having trouble registering for class, please call the Records & Registration Office at 928-524-7459 or 800-266-7845 extension 7459


Withdraw from Class

Withdrawing from class? College refund of charges varies based on course type and when you drop a class. Refund of charges will decrease balance due first and then a refund check will be mailed for eligible credit balance. Click to view NPC’s General Tuition Refund Policy


A Course Change Form is required to withdraw after classes start.


Students that were approved for Federal Pell Grant and are wanting to make changes to enrollment must contact the NPC Financial Aid Office at 928-524-7318.