Release of Student Information form

This release form is required if you want Parents, Spouse, Scholarships or other entities access to your school records.

Registration 12 Credit Limit

Students must see an adviser at the 12 credit limit
  • If you have earned 12 or more credits and have NOT declared a degree/major you will be BLOCKED from registering for any more classes until you have met with an academic adviser and declared your educational intent.

This policy is in place to give you the opportunity to plan your classes, ensure you are on the right path toward a degree/major, and allow an adviser to check your academic progress. Only after you have met with your academic adviser will your advisement hold be removed to allow you to register for classes. We strongly encourage you to meet with an adviser at the earliest convenience to avoid registration concerns.

Find an academic adviser closest to your location.

Important Notice

Student, if you withdrew from a course(s) during the SP20 semester due to changes caused by COVID-19, and you wish to apply the tuition credit you received to the course(s) for which you are enrolling, you must send an email to with your Name, Student ID#, and semester you wish to apply this credit.

Register for Courses Information

Add/Drop Courses

Please use the Register for Courses to register for classes.  You will need to check out the Personal Info and answer the required questions, save and then you will need to click the link for the Registration Agreement, agree, save and you will then be able to registrar for classes.