Logging in to student email

To log into student email, go to http://web.mail.npc.edu or through Gmail: https://gmail.com using your student email address.
Your email is hosted by Google, and you have access to the full GoogleApps suite. You can store files, edit files simultaneously with someone else on the Internet, publish web pages, IM (chat), and many more tasks within GoogleApps from anywhere you have Internet access.
Go to http://google.com/support/a/users/?hl=en for more help with GoogleApps.

Email login page

After navigating to the site, you will be asked to log in with your NPC username and password. If you are unsure of your NPC username and password you can reset it by Clicking Here.
If you change your password in Google email, it does NOT change your password for MyNPC, on computers, or anywhere else outside of GoogleApps.
For instructions on how to change your Google email password, see the instructions in the Handouts below.

Printable Instuctions for Email

Printable version of the information on this page.
(.pdf, 72K)
This is instructions of how to forward NPC student Google email to another email address so you do not have to check or deal with another email address.
(.doc, 2547K)
How to change your student email password at NPC student email on Google.
(.pdf, 211K)