Student Benefits

This web site contains important information you will need as a current student at NPC.
Once logged in you can:
  • Register for your classes
  • Get your class schedule
  • See your semester grades
  • Resources for student information
  • Much more!
It also contains information for NPC's faculty and staff as well.
More general information about NPC is also available at

Looking for your online class?

Try logging in to MyNPC first. Your instructor may have a link to your online content in your personalized class pages. Still looking? Try these links:

  • MyNPC (JICS) users click MyCourses in the left menu or on the tab above (log in to MyNPC first).
  • Moodle users go here.
  • Faculty and department pages are here.
If you can't find your online classes at Moodle or MyNPC, try the Class Schedule Search, using Internet as the Campus to find the class you are enrolled in. Click on the class number and you will find a link to your class OR an email address for your instructor so you can get the new instructions on how to now get to your class.

FALL 2020 Schedule

The FALL 2020 schedule is “subject to change” as the college works to best serve its students and keep them safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.





    Admissions Application  

I'm a first-time NPC student: (or returning after being gone for 2 years)

    Early College Application  

I am currently in high school: (Dual, TALON, NAVIT, Early College, Home Schooled)

New Students:

If you are a new student, you will need to register for classes before you can log into MyNPC.  All new students will receive a Student Data sheet from either the front office when you register or from Records & Registration with your MyNPC username.
If you have never attended NPC before you must first fill out an application form which can be done online or you can register in person at any of our locations.

Once you have submitted an enrollment form online, you will be given directions on what to do next. If you have any enrollment or registration questions, please contact the Records & Registration Office at 1-800-266-7845, ext 7459 or you can stop by their office which is located at 2251 E Navajo Blvd,
Holbrook, AZ (Painted Desert Campus). You can contact them by e-mail at
As of August 20th, 2009, all NEW students will use their user name, not ID to log into MyNPC.  That means that you have never registered at NPC before. 
NOTICE:  Any new students that have enrolled at NPC for any session after May 11, 2009, your password is in a different format.  Your initial password, based on your birthdate, will be dd-Mmm-yy (Example: January 11, 1988 will be 11-Jan-88 or August 05, 1982 will be 05-Aug-82.  Remember to Capitalize the first letter of the month.)  If you call the support center to have your password reset, it will be reset in this new format. Your user name will be in the format of 1st initial last name with a possible number.  Please refer to your Student Data sheet.
If you have a problem logging into MyNPC, please call the Support Center at 1-800-266-7845 ext. 7447 or email the Support Center.  You will need to know your Student ID number, date of birth and other information so they are able to identify you.  If you do not know your Student ID number, you will need to contact the Records & Registration Office at 1-800-266-7845 ext 7459 or email them.

Returning Students:

If you are a returning Student to NPC, (you must have registered in Fall 2006, or after, to be able to view certain information) please login now by entering your username (NPC Student ID) and password. The password initially is set to your birth month and last two-digits of your birth year.  If you are born in a single-digit month, do not use a leading zero, i.e., July 1975 is 775.

To help keep your records secure, change your password the first time you access your records and periodically thereafter. To change your password, click on the Personal Info link by your name at the top of the portal. After clicking the Password tab, enter the Old password, the New Password, and the New Password a second time as verification. If you have any problems, call Support.

Past Students (prior to Fall 2006)

If you haven't attended NPC since Fall 2006 and need to access your unofficial transcript, you will need to log in using your username and password.  For information regarding your username and password, please read the section titled Returning Students on this page.
If you have a hold on your record, an error message will be displayed instead of your transcript. 

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty:

If you are a member of Faculty, login by entering your username and password, e.g. Jane Smith logs in as jsmith. The username is the first letter in your first name followed by your last name - in lowercase. The password initially is set to your birth month and last two-digits of your birth year.  If you are born in a single-digit month, do not use a leading zero, i.e., July 1952 is 752. Change your password the first time you access your records and periodically thereafter.
If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact the Support Center at NPC at 928-524-7447 or