President's Climate Commitment

1. C. Within two years of signing this document, develop an institutional action plan for becoming climate neutral, which will include:
     ii.  Interim targets for goals and actions that will lead to climate neutrality.
    iv.  Actions to expand research or other efforts necessary to achieve climate neutrality.
    v.   Mechanisms for tracking progress on goals and actions.
2.  Initiate two or more of the following tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gases while the more comprehensive plan is being developed. (7 possible choices)
     E.  Within one year of signing this document, begin purchasing or producing at least 15% of our institution's electricity consumption from renewal sources.
     G. Participate in the Waste Minimization component of the national RecycleMania competition, and adopt 3 or more associate measures to reduce waste. 
Kenny Keith
Ernie Cunningham
Lance Chugg
Cynthia Hutton
Jonathan Taylor
Rickey Jackson
Trudy Bender
Bethann O'Laughlin
Tabitha Stickel
Margaret White
Preston Romero

Interested in helping?

If you would like to assist in NPC's recycling efforts, contact Tabitha Stickel by email,, to find out how to get involved.

Recycling Information: Plastics 1 and 2

What do the numbers inside the recycling triangle mean? 

The numbers inside the triangle recycling sign indicate the type of plastic an item is made from. Plastics with the number one are made of the plastic polymer Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET. These plastics are tough, usually clear, and can act as a barrier for both moisture and gas.   Plastics with the number two are made of High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE. These plastics are also tough, but are barriers only for moisture; they are gas permeable. Items that recycled 1 and 2 plastic can be made into include the filling in winter coats, sleeping bags, life jackets; bean bags; rope; furniture; toys; car bumpers; piping; plastic lumber; sails for boats; new plastic bottles. NPC’s recycling program accepts 1 and 2 plastics. Make sure to check the number inside the recycling triangle before putting an item into the recycling bin.

Common Plastic Items made of Plastics 1 And 2

Soda Bottles

Cooking Oil Bottles

Peanut Butter and Jam Jars

Salad Dressing Bottles

Water/Drink Bottles

Milk/Juice/Water Bottles

Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles

Detergent Bottles

Dish Soap Bottles

Medicine Containers

Produce Bags (those used at the grocery stores)

Some electronic casing

Recycling by Material

Materials Currently Being Recycled at NPC:
The Next Hurdle: Recyclable Item(s) To Be Addressed:


The college will be collecting paper, aluminum, plastic for recycling.
Collection bins and signs are being posted this week - Nov 18, 2009
Kenny may have found a possible recycle point for glass in NE Arizona.  2/17/9
The city of Flagstaff collects glass but it would have to be sorted and delivered.

District Office

Fleet Maintance Office recycles oil and uses it to heat the building.  Ernie Cunningham.

Heber Center

At the Heber Center we recyle all white paper that has no confidential information on it in the high school bin that is set up in our hallway. We use to take our recycables to the trash compactor but they are no longer taking anything for recycling. We do take aluminum to the Senior Center and the local public library is still taking newspapers and cardboard. 2/18/2009

Hopi Center

We have a recycled paper bin that we use for scratch paper and printouts that aren’t important.  We collect aluminum cans & plastic bottles, we don’t have a recycling facility nearby so  we store in the backroom until it get picked up.  John Chapin also has a recycled paper bin in the business lab.  Cara 2/19/2009

Kayenta Center

Little Colorado

Susie Acton takes library newspapers to recycling in Winslow once a month. 
Kim Cureton (evening monitor) takes the plastic bottles to the City recycling bins.
Rickey Jackson takes the aluminum cans to the Friends of the Library in Winslow at lease once a month.
Reported 2/18/2009

Painted Desert

PDC library recycles newspapers and mixed paper.  Trudy or Bethann take newspapers to city bins.   Jonathan Taylor picks up mixed paper - schedule not known.  Newspaper recycling for 4 years.
Cans and plastics (1&2) recycled from student lounge.  Trudy takes them to city bins. Recyling for 4 years.
The library uses scrap printed paper for math students and staff prinouts.

Silver Creek

 We at the PAC stopped using, supply and selling bottled water.  We have set the example by bringing refillable bottles and encouraging students to do the same.  There has been a significant decrease in empty water bottles and an increase in personalized, refillable water bottles.  Plastic is taken to Pinetop recycling bins.   Deb Fisher 2/19/2009
 On another note, scrap wood from the theatre annex that used to be thrown in the dumpster is now put outside the large dock door in cardboard boxes for ANYONE to take and use at home in there wood burning stoves or in campfire rings.  This keeps the annex clean of debris and fire hazardous scrap lumber, eliminates filling up the dumpster and landfill and ‘recycles’ wood to local households for cheap heat Deb Fisher 2/19/2009 
  • SCC Library keeps one sided scratch paper for running non circulated and some circulated reports
  • --that same paper is used for math scratch paper
  • SCC Library also, takes news papers, other white/colored paper, and magazines to the recycling box for the Boy Scouts
  • The CIS/BUS/CPT class has a box of paper they use for scratch and class project assignments

St Johns Center

Donate used newspapers to local preschool for craft projects.
Use pages printed on one side as scratch paper - reused for math and compass tests and printing staff items.
Paper for recycling is collected and given to St. Johns Public Library who deliver it to Catalyst.
Aluminum cans are collected and taken to a local business.

Springerville/Eagar Center

The back side of non-sensitive documents is used as scratch paper or for printing items that are likely to be tossed out anyway.  The computer lab has a box they automatically put their “scratch” paper into for us.  I also know the math lab uses the backs of papers for their scratch paper and we have COMPASS testers also using this as their scratch paper.

White Mountain

Library staff recycle newspapers and magazines once a month.  Discarded paper/printed on one side are used for scratch paper.  Lori 2/20/2009

Whiteriver Center

The Apache tribe is collecting paper from WRV Center for recycling
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