President's Climate Commitment

1. C.  Within two years of signing this document, develop an institutional action plan for becoming climate neutral, which will include:
         iii. Actions to make climate neutrality and sustainability a part of the curriculum and other educational experience for all students.
         iv. Actions to expand research or other efforts necessary to achieve climate neutrality.
         v.  Mechanisms for tracking progress on goals and actions.
Barbara Hockabout (Chair)
Pat Canary
Suzanne Trezise
Lee Sweetman
There will be a meeting of the Sustainability Curriculum Subcommittee (SCS) - Monday, April 27 at SCC room 123, 4:00 p.m.
Any Sustainability Committee member is welcome to attend.
The discussion will focus on: (1) the viability of the proposed plans #1 - #6 in the SCS Report March 15, 2009 and (2) the state-wide community college collaboration for shared stimulus funds per: to curriculum development and work force opportunities in sustainability as members of The American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).
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